CEU Tips for Faculty

  1. Complete the Course Build Request Form. This provides the CEU office with all of the information explained below that is needed to build the course in Banner:
    • Type of CEU
    • Cost of CEUs
    • Delivery options
    • Registration options
  2. Be certain none of your marketing materials or websites say that students will receive academic credit for a CEU course.
  3. You will be notified when the course is available for registration. You will need to contact the students and let them know how to attend/participate in the course.
  4. The CEU office will email each registered student after they have been registered and confirm their enrollment and provide a payment receipt.
  5. To view which students have registered and paid, the instructor can go to the Banner System and view the list of registrants.

Submitting Grades

After the course has completed, enter the grades for each registered student in Banner. The Banner Faculty Grade Entry tutorial goes into depth on the process of entering grades. To assign incompletes, submit a request through Service Now. Students will be unable to receive transcripts for the semester until the grades have been submitted.

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